systems strategy service

You know as well as I do, there’s literally no point in ‘cracking on’ without a plan!

You have got to this point using your own brilliant business eye for those dreamy client opportunities, obtained by your own clever marketing strategy. Shall we level up now?

" Lucy's knowledge and proactivity have been a huge help to us since working together. Lucy is one of the easiest people to work with, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing how the partnership develops. "


"I utterly trust Lucy to create content for me that is on brand, accurate and so often better than I could do myself"


"Lucy is brilliant. She is a real asset to my team and anyone who works with her is in safe hands."


" Lucy just 'gets it' and works to such a high standard that I don't worry about having to check in or show her what to do, she saves me so much time. "


"She is super responsive, never misses deadlines, and never fails to be upbeat and fun to work with. She's a vital part of my team and I wouldn't be without her!"


like our marketing plans, managing our systems alongside our client journey needs a bit of thought…

what’s the goal?

Manage a team/freelancers more effectively, save some money on expenses, onboard our clients seamlessly or actually step away from the business without the fear!

What are your characteristics and behaviours?

Like doing audience research for our clients, we need to drill down into how you do things and why? If you’re a pen and paper kinda person, totally switching to an online system might be a big step and knowing that means you can implement the right systems that work for you, rather than doing a big switch over and you revert back to your original habits.

What are your pain points?

Maybe it’s endless meetings and writing up summaries of notes (we can automate that!) Or you spend an hour (and the rest) on each proposal in the evenings after teal? Probably doesn’t feel like a lot but if you want to take on more clients (and have a life) you either need to hire someone (£££) or find a way to reduce the repetitive jobs that don’t actually require you to do it all.

what you’ll get…

strategy nuts and bolts

‘1. 60 minute strategy session (online or in person if you’re local and it works out!)

2. Process diagram detailing the current state and recommendations for improvement for:

  • Your clients journey – lead capture, onboarding and active customer, and offboarding.
  • Workload and task management  – how you deliver your service for clients
  • Team management – how you manage your team, freelancers and other stakeholders
  • ‘You management – how you work, how much ‘free time’ you need as a business owner and how to manage growth.

3. System suggestions (and alternatives) detailing how they can fit into your business and help you achieve your goals with pricing considerations. We will discuss these on a 60 minute follow up call. 


I can’t wait to show you how good you can look in front of your clients (and save even more time).