Clickup service

Look and feel as slick as you make your clients with your insane marketing skills

" Lucy is a total JOY to work with. Her attention to detail is second to none. She is creative, attentive and asks all the right questions. Her work is always completed at the highest standard and I am in awe of how she does it all. Lucy is brilliant. "


"I utterly trust Lucy to create content for me that is on brand, accurate and so often better than I could do myself"


"Lucy is brilliant. She is a real asset to my team and anyone who works with her is in safe hands."


" Lucy just 'gets it' and works to such a high standard that I don't worry about having to check in or show her what to do, she saves me so much time. "


"She is super responsive, never misses deadlines, and never fails to be upbeat and fun to work with. She's a vital part of my team and I wouldn't be without her!"


ClickUp is my project management tool of choice. Here’s why:

There’s Trello, Monday, Asana and endless other project management systems but I have firmly put my flag in ClickUp as my tool of choice for task, team and larger scale marketing projects that need visibility and mad organisation skills.

Why ClickUp though Lucy?

Any project management tool is better than none to scale a business and support a growing team of employees or freelancers.

But ClickUp has the edge with the choice of keeping task and project management super simple or truly automating many parts of your business processes to save time, money and your own sanity as a busy business owner providing marketing services.

The free version is fine for simple lists but at a few quid a month, the umlimited and business versions can project you and your marketing services to the next level.

I can help you build your entire business hub to manage tasks, projects and people. 

what you’ll get…

nuts and bolts

  • 1 hour strategy call to capture requirements for bespoke templates and automation.
  • Up to 10 bespoke lists for example:

– Marketing | social media content, marketing strategy, blog and long form content, Ads management, specific campaign planner eg website build, service launch

– Client Management | onboarding and shared space, lead tracker, CRM

– Commercial | Business Hub, capacity, financial tracker, project launch, team/outsourcing management

– Personal | Habit tracker, to-do list, vision planner

  • Automations within ClickUp in each list (trigger/action) eg status changes, assignees, creating new tasks, recurring tasks (whatever you need, the list is endless)
  • Video tutorials and guide so you or your VA can refer back when you need to.
  • 1 week support for any additional tweaks.

Perfect for Marketing freelancers and service providers that use ClickUp currently or other PM tools (trello, asana etc) just for lists and want to use it to its full potential to manage their whole business in one workspace.


bells and whistles

  •  2 hour strategy session to capture requirements for bespoke templates & automation
  • Document detailing workflow for client lifecycle (lead – onboarding – active – offboarding) and recommendations for internal processes and external integrations.
  • Up to 15 bespoke lists (as above or tell me what you need!)
  • Up to 5 forms eg onboarding questionnaire, content request from clients, feedback/testimonial capture form.
  • 3 x Dashboards eg task/team/time tracker, financial view for planning or template for a client overview
  • 5 x Integrations with other systems via Zapier eg Dubsado, Google Workspace, email marketing systems and other CRMs.
  • 2 weeks support to make sure its 100% future proof

Perfect for small marketing agencies and consultants that want to level up on their business processes and organisation to manage clients, team workload and have a platform to support their future growth plans.



bits and bobs

  • Already have ClickUp and need a set of fresh eyes to make it work for your team?
  • Need some lists, views, templates, automation, integrations, or dashboards?
  • Got a new project on the ‘to-do’ list, you don’t have the headspace to get started, but having a plan set out for you will get the fire going 🔥
  • Need someone to maintain and check what’s happening on a regular basis to maximise team productivity, make improvements for time saving, and seek project blockers and revenue opportunities?

Let’s chat and sort out some quick wins.


£50 p/h

I can’t wait to show you how good you can look in front of your clients (and save even more time).