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Need some ideas on getting organised or looking to implement processes yourself (with a helping hand?) Browse below for guides, templates and editable tools to help you save time and your sanity in your marketing business.

I’m a massive fan of ClickUp, Dubsado and Google Suite apps for managing marketing service providers client and team processes.

ClickUp social media template

ClickUp social media template


This planner has made literally thousands of social media posts over the years!

This plug and play ClickUp template includes:

  • 1 x Social Media Hub for onboarding, client comms and ongoing task management
  • 1 x Social Media Content Planner to streamline content planning, creation and client approval

Perfect for Social Media Managers, Virtual Assistants and Marketing Agencies.


Free editable marketing planning tool by Lucy Hayre

ClickUp business hub for Marketing service providers


. Need to transform from complete chaos to cool & controlled? Let’s put your marketing business into a workspace that supports client work, day-to-day tasks, running a team and working on your goals.

Templates include:

Your personal to-do list: Don’t sweat the small stuff, keep that needle moving

Business Hub:  To store everything in your brain and step away from the spreadsheets!

CRM: Track leads and nurture your dreamy clients 

Client onboarding,  task and project management: Boards to manage them all without the stress and all the visibility!

Revenue and expenses: Track & analyse what’s coming in 

You in? You will need the unlimited account (only $7 or 5ish quid a month)  Hit the button below and your templates will be ready and waiting to simplify your business and give you some head space back! 


I can’t wait to show you how good you can look in front of your clients (and save even more time).