Dubsado service

Look and feel as slick as you make your clients

with your new insane onboarding experience!

" I am really pleased with the work she has done and my clients often comment on how easy it was to view and accept my proposal. "


"I utterly trust Lucy to create content for me that is on brand, accurate and so often better than I could do myself"


"Lucy is brilliant. She is a real asset to my team and anyone who works with her is in safe hands."


" Lucy just 'gets it' and works to such a high standard that I don't worry about having to check in or show her what to do, she saves me so much time. "


"She is super responsive, never misses deadlines, and never fails to be upbeat and fun to work with. She's a vital part of my team and I wouldn't be without her!"


onboard your clients with Dubsado beautifully after all that hard graft you’ve put in

The 7ps, we all know them, right?

Price, product, place, promotions, physical evidence, people and ermmm PROCESS!

I’m here to help you with that one in your business. We all talk about how important the customer buying journey is… so let’s do as we say!

Onboard your clients beautifully with Dubsado after all that hard graft you’ve put in.

No longer will it take hours to create a bespoke proposal and you won’t look and feel ‘‘a bit shit’ with manual processes, email ping-pong and an array of documents and systems. And chasing paperwork to make it all official? Let a tried and tested system like Dubsado do that for you.

Dubsado is your new best friend to keep client details, proposals, contracts, forms and pricing in one place and in one seamless workflow that keeps you (marketing expert and business owner) on brand, consistent and looking slick AF.

does this sound familiar…

You write the same emails, again and again and again…

You pay for a scheduling tool for meetings, an online signing facility and create pdf proposals

You then have to chase up the proposals, contracts and invoices

You don’t have a consistent approach to onboarding and do everything manually

You know you provide a great service once you kick-off with the client but your business needs some outsourced TLC

You want to regular communicate with your clients and obtain important information to nurture those hard-earned relationships

what you’ll get…

nuts and bolts

  • Full Dubsado set-up from start to finish to get you up and running quickly
  • Initial strategy session to understand current and desired business processes to document your system processes from lead capture to offboarding. 
  • All the branded forms you need – lead capture, proposals, questionnaires & contracts
  • Canned (templated) emails specific to your business to be used during your client’s journey with you
  • Set up of 3 schedulers to take appointments – eg disco chat/discovery call, kick off, catch up
  • Video tutorials and guide so you or your VA can refer back when you need to
  • 14 days of email support


bells and whistles

All of the above plus:

Dubsado workflows for up to 3 services (eg retainer, power hour, strategy) to take your clients from a hot lead, onboard them like a pro, check-in and offboard so they rave about you to their business mates!

Extra support with implementation of integrations and automated processes with other systems

For example when a contract is signed, add the client details to ClickUp, create a templated task list and assign it to your team. Or when you get a new lead, add it straight into your mailing list. Or when a payment is received, update a google sheet with the date and value.

There’s some really cool stuff you can do and shaving those minutes off each client will help you scale and service more with confidence.

Whatever you need, let’s get it sorted.



bits and bobs

  • Already have Dubsado and need a set of fresh eyes to make it work effieciently?
  • Do you have a new service to launch, which also means new forms and workflows? 
  • Need someone to check in on a regular basis to maximise your revenue and client experience?
  • Let’s chat and sort out your some quick wins.

£50 p/h

I can’t wait to show you how good you can look in front of your clients (and save even more time).